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Lease Back Your Property After You Have Sold

Posted by Tony Zorzo
Tony Zorzo
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on Saturday, 19 May 2012 in Global

Did you know that when you are looking to sell your property one of the most crucial questions to be considered should be, "What is my exit strategy from this sale".

Apart from the sale price the next big issue faced by owners will centre on why they are selling;


  1. Pay down debt
  2. Invest in another property
  3. Moving into another property

Now the first two are fairly straight forward however did you know that item "3" is one that needs a fair amount of forethought and planning before you put your property up for sale.

I recently helped several owners take the stress out of the sale and moving process by simply suggesting that we broker their sale on the basis of a "Lease Back"

In other words we sell at today's price which we understand, upon settlement the old owner leases the property back for a period of time pending on finding a suitable property or until their new property is built.

The key here is understanding the current property market.

Today's prices are predictable in that the owners have access to historic data to work with where as 3, 6, 9, 12 months time is less predictable and in a volatile market may lead to costly mistake, how big a risk do you want to take.

So what is you Exit Strategy?

What are your Selling Options?

Tony Zorzo

F1 Real Estate

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